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Team project(5 members),2019

Client: KERB

My role: Field research, stakeholder research and analysis, visualisation, prototyping, workshop planning and implementation

Tutor: Nicolas Rebolledo, John Makepeace

Street Food Markets as Service Platforms


It's a membership organisation dedicated to the incubation and acceleration of London's most innovative street food business.

Kerb Markets

Curate and organise street market using their collection of innovative traders either as stand-alone markets or as an addition to other events.

Kerb Events

Organise their own events for specific occasions.

Kerb Catering

Working with private business to deliver their catering in some of London's nest venues

Support & promote traders

InKERBator to Alumni, Kerb vault

What does Kerb do?


Create a new service proposition for KERB that helps them optimise the value of food marketplaces as a public resource by better meeting the needs of the public, of the traders and of policymakers, strengthening their platform approach.


2.Traditional vs New communities

“Markets do not always reflect the local community […], but they do offer a lively, [...] experience both for new traders and for the growing numbers of people with an interest in food.” 

1.Democratic vs High-end

"Street food has a powerful role in democratising entry to the food industry and even enhancing the survivability of start-ups"

3.Easy to start up vs Hard to sustain

"Each year 1500 new food businesses enter the UK market 90% of all food and drink businesses fail in their first few years."

Target user

“My fellow traders have become good friends, I love how they all have different ideas for the future.”

“Market life is all-consuming, but I have great plans for what I want to do next!”


The challenge

KERB provides a solid incubator program, but the accelerator and 'taking flight' phases of the journey are not clearly defined or structured. It shows an unmet need for traders that want to further grow their business and an opportunity for KERB.



Regain democratic value by trying being more inclusive.

Building a bridge between the internal and external community.

Assist traders in growing their business further.



It's an accelerator for an early-stage food business that connects traders' needs with opportunities of the surrounding community.

How might we help Kerb to create a clear and more structured accelerator for traders?

-which will smoothen their taking flight stage.

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